Dogs and Public Spaces

As I near the end of my semester here at Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Santiago Chile, swamped by an unexpected excess of work rivaling the workloads of the University of California, I am a bit saddened by the fact that I have not been writing so much. However, as part of my final coursework I am involved in a group project in which we are conducting an ethnographic study of the street vendors at the metro stop in front of the university and their interrelations with their customers (mostly students).

I have thus been reminded of my own ethnographic study I conducted during August of 2008. This study was conducted for a class at the University of California, Irvine, yet I wanted to stay out of the city of Irvine as much as possible. Therefore I decided to observe a public park near my parents’ house in Encino, using my background in urban studies to note the affects a group of local dog owners had on the public space.

Attached is a pdf copy of the study which you may enjoy while I finish up my finals here and eventually get back to making some progress on my excursion in Patagonia.  Watchdogs of Encino park copy


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