About Me

First off, hit “Ctrl” + “-” to make this better on your eyes. See now, isn’t that better? I have been playing around with a few themes lately, none of which I have found to be in perfect alignment with my interests. I have found this one (Twenty Ten), however, to be the easiest on editing and posting. Thus I chose this theme, sacrificing a home page that contains a brief summary of my recent blog posts rather than posting the entire story, as well as the nice, small font size. You can access the rest of my posts from the column on the right, or the Patagonia pages above.

Anyways, I am a student at the University of California, Irvine with majors in Social Ecology and Global Cultures and minors in Urban & Regional Planning and Art History. I am combining these fields in pursuit of a career in sustainable development. I am currently finishing up my 5th year abroad in Santiago, Chile at Pontifica Universidad la Catolica.

I have wanted to begin this blog for years now but never got around to doing it. I guess it took traveling half way across the world to to spark it up. Anyways, since I am currently living and studying in Chile, most of these posts will probably be related to this. I will probably start posting some of my other thoughts and works later, after I graduate and I have more free time (a.k.a. out of school and unemployed). I hope you enjoy my writings and feel free to leave comments with any support or constructive criticisms.

Also, feel free to browse my photos on my picasa account.


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