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Procrastination is most likely the absolute worst habit known to man. It is known only to man because we as a human race (at least in the developed world) have become so accustomed to luxury and leisure time that we … Continue reading

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Dogs and Public Spaces

As I near the end of my semester here at Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Santiago Chile, swamped by an unexpected excess of work rivaling the workloads of the University of California, I am a bit saddened by the fact that … Continue reading

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Cerro Plomo

4-17-2010 Finally, the rich satisfaction of my Barba Negra “Robust Porter” from the Chilean craft brewery Del Puerto. “Extra Fuerte,” although it does not list the ABV on the bottle. Far from the richest porter I have had, it’s well … Continue reading

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The (sub)Urban Octapus

As I continue to procrastinate on publishing my account of my attempt at Cerro Plomo last weekend, as well as the mountain of readings for my clases, my good friend and ex-room mate Ricky asked me to help him with … Continue reading

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Operaciones Semana Santa

Late Sunday night/early Monday morning (April 4th-5th) I lay in bed after a long, hot shower, cleansed and cleaned, wrapped in my soft, warm comforter. I relaxed the comfort and security of my own bed, my own room, Pepi dozing … Continue reading

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The First Test

Wednesday evening, 5:00pm. My weekend has begun. My first exam is over. I’m not too sure how I feel about it. 3 questions in short essay format. During the first one I felt as if rather than writing a well … Continue reading

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The past few days have been full of stress and concern for the mountain of reading I must scale in order to perform up to par on my first to written exams tomorrow (Weds). Two weeks ago I was really … Continue reading

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